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      Smart Manufacturing

      Production & Quality Control
      Zhuhai Y&Y is located in Jinwan District, Zhuhai. The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with nearly 200 production workers. It has a number of large production lines, assembly lines, packaging lines and some workshops such as 100,000 level Clean workshop. Our products are 100% self-factory production.

      Product quality is the lifeblood of a company. Since its establishment, Zhuhai Y&Y has been adhering to the tenet of ‘high starting point, high efficiency, high quality and strict standard’, taking product quality as the foundation, strictly following the production and operation of ISO9000 quality management system. Zhuhai Y&Y has comprehensive professional cable testing equipment, such as 780, 881, 980 HDMI analyzer and TDR. We combine testing equipment to strictly test for all products, so as to ensure the use, stability, durability and adaptability. Besides all of our products have passed the certification and testing standards of FCC, CE, RoHS and HDMI Association.

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