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      Engineering Effort
      R & D Objectives

      Take theory as the foundation and study hard

      ‘Theory as support, combined with user needs’ is the core of Zhuhai Y&Y R&D Objective. When we decide to start the AOC production, first we refused to copy the existing optical fiber products in the market. Our core team learn starts from the basic optical theory, conduct trial and experiment with experts repeatedly, and continuously collect the market feedback. Through constant exploration, Zhuhai Y&Y was finally able to configure the chip according to the use scenario, so as to improve product compatibility and meet diversified user needs.

      R & D Rules

      Strictest standard and striving for perfection

      8K products also reflect the wisdom of Zhuhai Y&Y’s craftsmanship spirit. We always follow our rules of ‘standards first, products later’ in our research and development process. The strictness of the test standard even exceeds the existing products in the market more hundred times. Strict testing standards and high-quality raw materials ensure the stable and excellent quality of Zhuhai Y&Y products, which are widely praised.

      R & D Results
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