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      Development History
      As the first batch of enterprises which were approved by the government to resume work, we press positive energy to encourage everyone to fight the epidemic by our WeChat official account, Alibaba store, Weibo, Tencent Video, Douyin and other social platforms.
      Our products are widely recognized by users and industry, and gradually become the representative brand in the field of data engineering cable.
      Received the "National High-tech Enterprise" certificate for the first time this year, which issued by the China National High-tech Enterprise Certification Office.
      Launched our own brand "RISING SUN" and began to enter the domestic and foreign markets.
      Entered rapid development period . The dealer network covers many large and medium-sized cities across China and has more than 800 high-quality channel cooperative merchants worldwide.
      Newly born. Focusing on the products and team, especially on process improvement, appearance and structure.
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