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      Zhuhai Y&Y News
      Release Time: 2020-06-22
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      It's been a week since the online Canton Fair opened. In this week, the anchors of Zhuhai Y&Y have brought us more than 50 livestreaming. The theme of the live streams includes Introduction of Cable, Product Analysis, Company Profile, Product Evaluation, etc.

      廣交會直播入口 Visit Zhuhai Y&Y in Canton Fair:



      With sufficient preparations, Zhuhai Y&Y stands out in this online Canton Fair. The 360° VR view of Zhuhai Y&Y allows customers to see our production line from thousands of miles away. 24-hour livestreaming and instant messaging enable Zhuhai Y&Y to communicate with customers face to face in real time. Furthermore, the video and 360° VR photos of each product show all the details of cables for customers.

      This Canton Fair has operateduninterrupted for 63 years. As an all-round opening-up platform, it hasmade tremendous contributions to international trade cooperation.  The fair also brought a lot of exposure to Zhuhai Y&Y. The daily traffic of our Alibaba, Taobao store and website has multiplied.Zhuhai Y&Y's cable rank first when you search HDMI cable, HDMI AOC, HDMI 4K, HDMI 8K, DP cable, dp1.4 and many other keywords in the Canton Fair.


      Let’s join our hands in this unprecedented time, and create more business opportunities! 

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