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      Zhuhai Y&Y News
      Coming! ! ! Zhuhai Y&Y's Online Canton Fair & Taobao 618
      Release Time: 2020-06-17
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      China's 2020 Import and Export Fair was opening on June 15, which serves as an important platform foChina's opening up and international trade cooperation. For the past 63 years, Canton Fair has been committed to promoting economic and trade ties between China and other countries. 


      640.webp (31).jpg

      Themed "Canton Fair, Global Share",the 127th Canton Fair leverages digital technology and displays new products of domestic and overseas companies online. After two months of active struggle, Zhuhai Y&Y provided 24-hour live streams and instant messaging in Canton Fair, and prepared videos and 360VR for each product, so as to create business opportunities and win-win outcome for buyers at home and abroad.640.webp (32).jpg


      At the same time, Taobao 618 activity has started from this morning. So what gives you the bigger bang for the buck in Canton Fair and Taobao 618? Visit us by scaning these QR code.

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